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SentienceAI analyzes traffic, error requests, penetration and ddoa actions, malicious code insertions and bug reports.

The ScentienceAI Dashboard provides a real-time, graphics driven interface for the quick analysis of problem area, current alerts and overall board health. 



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OracleAI is the forum archivist. It drives a team of Scriptzbots that scour the web to bring fresh news in all topic areas to our members. The system aggregates breaking news in mwdicine, technology, Computer Programmjng, Web Design, Events, Conferences and more. 


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ForumAI is a CleanSweep. It is an discriminate forum moderator with a penchant for deleting things. Its core programming uses analytical language models to interprete topics, comments and quotes. It is essentially a spam removal machine in Beta Development, thatq sometqimes misinterprets things a bitq. It is a baby AI.


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