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Free for first month

This is why you're here. Admit it you got an invitation feom a coder on a null'd script forum. You're here looking for nutl'd scripts and help with installation of cracks hacks and jacks. 

Null'd Scriptz @ guardiancove.com is a currated websphere from the defuct scriptz.co x portaliz.net(.info) years. It is a throw-back, with a modern flair. 

ACTIVATE your subscription to null'd scripts, And your account will be supercharged with new features new forums and a new way of doing things. This subscription will give you immediate access.  To the Null'd Scripts Repository, access to our Webmaster Teams and easy access to help and support.

Free for first month

Join the DARKSIDE.

This forum is a system. Like any system it has depth, levels of security, small corners and sub forhms that you cannot see, touch or feel. It is a system of many Contructs. 

You been led to believe the reality you see as you look around the forum, but it is nothing more than the wool pulled before your eyes, then DARKSIDE hides im plain sight, many of the forums you may be used to contain hidden features. Thsre may be new sub forhm, new market places, new teams & clubs.

It is impossible to "tell" you what the DarkSide is, you have to experience it for yourself. 

The DARKSIDE Membership, delivers much more than content, your account will be supercharged, you be able to do things you never thought possible. This systsm, exists alongside the LIGHTERSIDE, deep within its bowels. 

The DARKSIDE Membership gives you immediate access to new functionality, like commerce, member stores, darknet portals and of course, ready and unrestricted access to the Nulled Script Catalog.

Darkside forums and features are easily recognizable by thier icon, color and all darkside must have disclaimers. You will not easily be trapped, if you go somewhere, you are there on purpose. 

The DARKSIDE is unmoderated but supervised. Inter personal quarrels and theft of goods, money or services amongst members is decided through a special committe and resolved by trial, ex officio.  More experienced members will recognize you when you enter a conversation, people this deep, know each other, and that means you too. 

All memberships come with guidlinez, posting rules, dochmentaion and easy access to the system addminstrator and a community.

I you want to know how it feels, swallow the red pill and follow the white rabbit down the hole. 


If you're here, you took the red pill and followed the White Rabbit down the hole into the darkside. Maybe yesterday, maybe months ago, but now you are back, you know that something is wrong. You can feel it when you browse the blackhat groups and almost taste in thenmarketplace.

We explained that the system is a system of constructa, each in its own realm of existing . What if I told you I can take you deepsr still.

This is a personal journey of discovery. What you see, you can not explain, what you hear, you cannot share. It is a journey into unknown and untold parts of the forum, where madness lurks and evil stays.  

What is the DarkWeb? It is a layer below the layers, under the covers and beyond the reach of those that would tell you what to do, what eat, when to breath. It is the escape from the real in the imaginary. 

This Darkweb exists only inna world where hidden identities, anonymity and the cover of darkness is perpertual.

If you still want to know, you will need to upgrade your skilz, the DarkWeb subscription requires use of Tor Network and exists on a layer known as the Onion, only visible with a subscription and tor. . 

When you purchase this subscription we will give you detailled instructions (straight from the owner) and our .onion address to access the forum and discover things you couldn't imagine exist. 

New subscriptions are highly scrutinized, only the true and loyal get to visit. If you've behaved, shared, taught and mentored others on the Lightside or the Darkside, you are Darkweb material.

On the DARKSIDE you have the protection of the Council, means of defense, trials , mediation and arbitration. Inside the Onion, you are alone. You are on your own, stand up and be a man. The forum has you're back if you get robbed, but what you do, what you say, where you go and whoever you do it with, is entirely up to you. 

You are unsupervised, unmoderated and free. Some forum posting rules but not many.

You WILL encounter criminality, sexuality, fakes and dupes. It is up to you to decide what, when, where and how. It is a lawless realm filled with endless surprises. We provide the means to wake up, we don't control your dreams and desires. 

Shall I show you just how deep the Rabbit Hole goes?

Free for first month



CORN creator, create private paid  video and photo albhms, create paid clubs, much more. 


CORN creator, create private paid  video and photo albhms, create paid clubs, much more. 


Upload FREE nulled ressources and activate  account perks. No paid content. To create paid content activate webmaster instead. 


Get Access to our Gideo/Movies forums. 

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