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The Bowels

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Deep inside the server resides a single script. It's power is limitless, it's authority final. You can't find it, search for it, or break into it. There is only one way in: earn it. Someday, somewhere, someone will give you a hint. You can't ask for it, beg for it or directly request it. It is an exclusive contruct with few trusted and recognized friends. 

Designer (5).jpeg

It is the earliest and oldest construct, it is a throw-back to the earliest code sharing bbs. We have cloned and morphed the New Haven BbS (1987-1994), into a state of the art, modder, old-school forum and chat bbs, with perks and tweeks. It is intricately linked to the forum messages and notifications, within a chat-powered architecture. 

dalle-image179 4.jpg

it is where rogue code resides, ideas and thoughts that never came to be are hidden, deep below. The roots extending well beyond the peripery of normal and rational thinking. It is a place where operators, cleaners, scrubbers and sentient-like code (the Oracle, the Keymaker, the Concierge, etc... ) lives, in disorganized harmony with the forum above.

Designer (12).jpeg

No introductions are needed. When you login to the under-realm, we knew you were coming, you are expected and you didn't get there by accident, it takes highly observant, specially skilled and talented individuals with dedication to the Scene, the community and the open source world at large. 


It is also the underbelly of the beast, forum Operators and Command structure engineers and architects have access to tailor-made, bespoke commands and operands.  The interactive chat-powered interface seamlessly intergrates chat, messaging and command and control system into one console os. 


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