[1.5] Custom Tabs 1.6.1

Custom Tabs Add-on allows you to add very easily new tabs to the board navigation.

  1. Sharpe
    1. Set tab title
    2. Set tab link
    3. Set tab description (It will be displayed in a Tooltip when you hover over the tab)
    4. Set position in the navigation
    5. Set which user groups can view the tabs
    6. Set order
    7. Supports unlimited child depth
    8. Supports custom CSS class
    9. Supports inline CSS styling
    10. Supports opening tabs and child links in new window
    11. Set if the tab dropdown will be displayed when you hover over the entire tab
    12. Supports nofollow
    13. Supports tab selection
    14. Supports phrases
    The tabs are displayed from the cache so no queries will be used.

    User Variables
    You can use user variables in title, link & description field. Available variables: {userId}, {username}, {status}, {customTitle}

    User Links
    Generates current visitor links to different content:


    Install Instructions:
    1. Upload the contents of the folder "library" to "library" folder on your server where XenForo is installed.
    2. Go to admin area > Install New Add-on, and paste in the "Install from file on server:" field the following path: library/Siropu/CustomTabs/addon-siropu_custom_tabs.xml
    3. Install the Add-on.
    Reviews are appreciated. :)

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